6 Pairs Lustrous and Divine Ear Jewelries Earrings Set
This set of charming earrings is composed of six (6) pairs of lustrous and divine ear jewelries curated by Carla Abellana. Express your true self by accessorizing your ears with these well refined pieces. Dangle your entourage to the crowd...
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Collar Length Lariat Necklace
This collar length lariat necklace is a sweet and precious piece that shows your personality. It features a heart knot on the chest part and a solid heart on the bottom as its pendant. It’s perfect especially for U-shaped necklines...
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Medium Flat Round Stud Earrings
Simple and still never out of style, this medium, flat and round stud earrings with an abstract details and glossy texture from Carla Abellana speaks that you can still be stylish while being simple in your accessory. Let your earrings...
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Fascinating Glamourous Bracelet Set
A collection of fascinating bracelets with sparkling charms, this set delivers all the glamour you need on your style for the day. The single chain charm with encircled diamond ornament, partnered with a sparkling diamond link chain, a gleaming golden...
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