Enthralling Multi-Layered Necklace
A multi-layered, out of this world necklace with a thread choker, torque and matinee length pieces,  this accessory adds drama and glamour elivers to your look with its enthralling design. Perfect for night parties and daily outfits, this necklace will...
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Multiple Layered Chain Necklace
This is a multiple-layered chain necklace with choker, collar, thread and matinee length variants. Each of the chain has its own pendant, a star on the choker, a flat rounded metal on the thread and a line pendant on both...
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Two-Layered Matinee Necklace
This two-layered matinee necklace with flat-rounded pearls along the chain is a great piece for plunging necklines. Perfect for any occasion, from a simple party to big gatherings, this necklace exudes drama and adds glamour to your wardrobe.
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