6 Pairs Lustrous and Divine Ear Jewelries Earrings Set
This set of charming earrings is composed of six (6) pairs of lustrous and divine ear jewelries curated by Carla Abellana. Express your true self by accessorizing your ears with these well refined pieces. Dangle your entourage to the crowd...
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Classy Polished Collection of Ear Jewelries
Establish youth, beauty and class with the polished collection of ear jewelries from Alyssa Muhlach. Give your feelings and share your sparkle with the gleaming diamond stud earrings that will offer you the elegance you aim for your style. Exhibit...
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Dark Green Flat Diamond Drop Earrings
Show some variety in your look with the uniquely designed dark green flat diamond drop earrings with a glossy orange rounded marble on the top as a stud. This pair by Beauty Gonzalez gives an empowering and delicate loon on...
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Glossy Marble Drop Earrings
This uncommon shaped drop earrings with a glossy marbled look from Cynthia Thomalla shows an elegant yet unique look on your style. Adding the aesthetics are the gold-plated bean studs that gives an extra gleam to the earrings.
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Medium Flat Round Stud Earrings
Simple and still never out of style, this medium, flat and round stud earrings with an abstract details and glossy texture from Carla Abellana speaks that you can still be stylish while being simple in your accessory. Let your earrings...
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Refined and Elegant Earring Collection
Matched with her pretty face, the beauty queen, Sophia Senoron’s earring collection exhibits refinement and elegance. The white pearl stud earrings deliver the class and purity to your look. The golden circled-spiral stud earring speaks sophistication for its unique pattern....
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Serene and Elegant Collection of Earrings
Express your charismatic personality with this serene collection of earrings curated by Ariella Arida. Showcase your calmness and elegance through the glossy pearl earrings in this set, exude your class in a simplified way by wearing the golden semi-huggies pair...
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Triple Pearl and Black Petalled Flower Drop Earrings
Complete your summer and nature look with the triple-pearl drop earrings and a black petalled flower with gold plated stamens stud from Maureen Montagne. Give a refreshing vibe on your style with this unique nature-inspired jewelry.
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